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20/twenty – so slow

Zoo Legacy- She’ll Never Fall

Elektrik People-The Lost…

matt blais- running

rainchild- watershed

P ssozi- u rocking my world

affinity- part of me

ships have sailed- drive

The Gyro -So Bad (Live)

Chromatone – Alien

Au4 – Planck Length

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These artists work hard every day to continue producing unique and original music. The creative process and the business aspect of being an independent music artist are the biggest challenges, but these artists and other independent artists seem to continuously bring incredible new music to the table.


Creating a name for yourself in the music industry is nearly impossible, but these independent music artists have made their way to listeners and the fan counts keep growing. While they may be undiscovered by big name labels, their true fans are the ones they make the music for.


Independent music artists are incredibly talented, producing original and unique material to share with the world. Many are instrumentally gifted with their hands or their voices, and truly have the passion to share music with as many listeners as possible. Their dedication and hard work truly shine.