Experience today’s best indie music here, for free! Music U, based in Memphis, Tennessee, gives users free access to some of the top independent musicians in the U.S. and abroad.

Our goal is to provide the public with as much access to these independent artists as possible. Indie artists have, for many years, had a huge influence on popular music trends, developing new styles and sounds. Most indie artists choose to stay independent versus heading toward a major label. Why? Because of control. They’re not limited to certain qualities or types of music that they can produce, leaving it up to them to determine how the public will view them. While sometimes this can be a challenge, it is well worth the effort. Being well-rounded in publishing, money, marketing, advertising, etc. will help, however some indie music artists don’t want the additional hassle. They simply want to produce music and let the people hear it. Either way, the industry is ever-changing and evolving each day into something new.

We want the public to discover the rock stars of tomorrow right here. We are here to help the independent music scene gain exposure and we want you to enjoy the music experience all around!